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A harmonised CBRN training curriculum for first responders and medical staff.


MELODY is a European harmonised CBRN training curriculum for first responders and medical staff, including ambulance drivers, paramedics and emergency room personnel.


The target group includes members of agencies that are responsible for dealing with emergencies, being unintentional or intentional releases of CBRN, which require immediate action. The MELODY training provides a clear picture of the possible consequences and effects and how to act together in a safe and effective and efficient way.


Incidents in the past involving CBRN agents have demonstrated the relevance of those in the first line of action (first responders) to be aware of and recognizing a CBRN incident, as well as to be prepared on how to act safely. A CBRN incident can be caused by an accident or negligence, but also by deliberate release of CBRN agents or in rare cases a terrorist attack.


The EU first responder community has specific CBRN training needs. The MELODY curriculum aims to target these specific training needs to improve CBRN awareness amongst first responders.


The aim of the curriculum is that first responders and medical staff are able to:
- Recognize potential CBRN threats
- Take proper personal protection measures and
- know which specialist (teams) to call


The modules can be trained by different complementary training methods, including classroom training and e-learning that will increase the level of CBRN knowledge, as well as practical training to increase the operational skills by discussing challenging scenarios, performing tabletop exercises, and hands-on training. In addition, a card game has been developed as an informal instrument to recapitulate or test the gained knowledge.

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Overview of MELODY training

The MELODY training website offers you a range of tools that can be viewed or downloaded from this website.

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The guide can be downloaded and should be read in its entirety to give the trainer the full picture about the MELODY curriculum and its intended use.

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The training material can adapted to national conditions, and integrated into your own Learning Platform.

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A summary of the MELODY curriculum outline.

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The MELODY training material can be redistributed under specified terms.


View or download the MELODY training material, such as Classroom presentations, CBRN scenarios and eLearnings.


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