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Hosting the e-learning on your own LMS
and in your own language.

The Powerpoints, the Trainer guide and supporting documents are available for free and can be downloaded from the. Also, the e-learnings can be downloaded from the File repository, and can be incorporate into your own Learning Management System (LMS) .

The e-learnings can be downloaded as HTML, or as a SCORM packages. The SCORM packages can be directly imported into your if the system us compatible.

The HTML and SCORM formats cannot be edited or translated. Do you want to edit or translate the e-learnings? Read the explanation the Translation website.

The MELODY e-learnings are created in Rise from Articulate360. These e-learnings can be shared with other users who have purchased an Articulate license.

The e-learnings can be exported from Articulate in several formats. Once the e-learnings are exported, they cannot be modified anymore. A SCORM export is a standardized format recognized by many LMS, such as Moodle or Canvas.

Depending on the exported format, the e-learnings can be hosted for example as plain HTML website on your server, or imported into your LMS.

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