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How to translate the MELODY curriculum material into your own language?

The MELODY curriculum source material can be shared with EU institutes that are involved in CBRN training. With the source material, content can be adapted to national context and translated into your own national language(s).  The process of editing/translating the material depends on the type of material.

The types of available MELODY source material are:   

  • Power Point presentations and Word documents

  • E-learning

  • Guide for Trainer

  • Animations

  • Card game

The translation processes for the various source documents are explained below.

Translating Powerpoints and Word documents

The class-room presentations and table top exercises are prepared as Power Point and Word documents. They can be translated at you own convenience. 

Translating e-learnings

Within Articulate360 software, the e-learnings can be translated into any language. The prerequisites for this are an Articulate360 Rise subscription and a copy of the e-learnings. Contact us to obtain the e-learning copies in Articulate360.

The translation process is described below. 


Open the English course and Duplicate the course. Give the duplicate a new name, for example "ESTONIAN_1. CBRN terminology".



Move the Duplicate to a new dedicated folder.  Open the Duplicate course and go to SETTINGS.  


Export the XLIFF FILE to your disk. IMPORTANT: The exported XLIFF file needs to be imported back into its original course. The course should NOT be edited during the translation process.



Open the exported XLIFF file with any XLIFF-Editor software, for example 'PoEdit' or 'SmartCat'. Usually, the software offers you to do an automatic pre-translation. The translation then needs to be double checked. Keep in mind that the Tags need to be kept carefully in place.



Import the XLIFF FILE back into the same course.



There are around 14 images that also need to be translated. The images are shared and can be edited using graphical software, .e.g. Adobe Photoshop. The translated images can then be imported into the modules and replace the English ones. 

Translating Guide for trainers

For translation of the Guide for trainers, the required source documents can be retrieved from the File repository. In the repository, two files are available for the Guide: 1)  the Word document and 2) the Adobe InDesign document. 

​Download the Word and InDesign documents. After translating the Word document, you can replace texts in the InDesign document. The document can be exported as a PDF file. 


Translating Animations

On the website you might have watched the two animation videos. The first one is introducing the MELODY curriculum, the second animation explains how to compose a tailored MELODY CBRN training. In the file repository you can retrieve 1) the video's, with or without subtitles; 2) the subtitles as separate files; 3) the narratives in a Word document. 

You can choose to translate the narrative from the Word document and add them as subtitles to the English animations. To translate the spoken narrative you might need the services of animation studio Phil and Flo, where the animations have been created.

Logo_PhilenFlo_NetgeenWit (1000x1000).png

The studio has the raw animation files available. They can replace the narrative in your preferred language by using a professional voice actor. Contact the studio if you wish to receive a quote for your translation. 

Translating Card game

For translation of the card game, the source files are required. They will be made available in the File repository soon... 

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